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A while back I was looking for an icon of Mary for my house. I fell in love with the idea of having a statue of Our Lady in my kitchen to help me with my house work and kitchen duties as not only was Mary the most awesome mother but she was a housewife. I felt like I needed her prayers and guidance to help get my life back in order. However finding a kitchen madonna isn’t that easy and the only ones I could find just didn’t feel right. That Sunday at liturgy  I went to the religious articles counter and asked to see the Mary icons.

Now Byzantine Churches don’t have statues like the Roman rite. We have beautiful icons. So as I am working on my sharing my faith I wanted an icon not a statue. All of the icons I saw were beautiful but I found one that was just perfect. Mary was holding the baby Jesus and he was HUGGING her! Hugging her! That was it. That was my icon. I saved up and the following week I bought me my icon.  Throughout the day I walk by my icon of Mary and I pray. I pray for her strength and for her peaceful parenting advice. Sure Mary only had one son but I am sure it wasn’t easy knowing your son was the son of God and all of the responsibilities that go with that!

I feel like my kitchen Madonna is exactly what I needed to help me to do my work as a housewife and mother for the Lord. Cleaning my house isn’t for me but for the greatness of God. Taking care of my children isn’t for me but for God and his plans for them. My job is to keep my house in order and my children in the faith. I love having Mary looking over my shoulders and guiding me through my journey into Catholic motherhood. She is there as my mentor and my cheerleader. I know that she is praying for me and family while helping me to be a good mother. I don’t know why I didn’t get a Mary icon sooner. And nothing makes me feel more joy than a hug from my children so seeing the love between Mary and Jesus reminds me of just how much a mother loves her children.


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