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Normally I am a very pokey driver. Actually I don’t really like straying from the rules. I like rules. They keep me safe and give me parameters to be creative.  I am a big fan of teaching my children to follow the rules as well. Once I forget to pay for something at the Home Depot and I marched right back into the store to pay for it because it was wrong to steal. I didn’t have any kids with me but I knew I couldn’t look them in the face and ask them not to take from each other when I had. Teaching good character and morality is a tough important job for any mom.

Today was the first day of vacation bible school (VBS) for my daughters. We were running late because Stephanie couldn’t find the perfect outfit to wear. Also the normal easy way of getting there was too trafficy as well as 2 other ways of getting there. So that only left one option. I normally don’t drive that way at all.

I was driving a little faster than normal but thought I was in a 35 mph area. I was not. A police officer saw me and clocked my awesome mini van. I was pulled over with flashing lights. The kids were super excited to see the lights. Yeah me not so much. However I put on a smile and grabbed my license and insurance card. I made a mistake and rules are there to keep us safe. I accepted it. The officer asked me a few questions about where I was going and if I knew I was driving too fast (We were going VBS and no I didn’t but I understand).

God was looking out for me and was definitely taught me a lesson in paying attention. But the officer didn’t give me a ticket. Whew! He waved to the kids and got back into his car. The children were super good and not screaming when he pulled us over.


I thanked God about a thousand times. I won’t be speeding again. Next time God’s little lesson might be a little different! But what a great way to teach respecting authority, patience, and being thankful!


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