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The Joy of Daily Mass

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I went to daily Mass today with the baby. He’s such a cute little guy just  sucking on his fingers and listening to the chanting. I feel so much more of the presence of Jesus during daily mass. I don’t know if it’s because I’m able to focus more because there are no distractions (as known as my children!) or because it feels like I’m really apart of things because my voice isn’t lost in the crowd since there are only about 10 people there.

I’ve been trying to go to daily mass once  a week this summer with my husband being home a little more and the stress of getting the kids off to school isn’t there. It is not the most peaceful experience getting there as I’m heading towards downtown with the working people. The drive ends up being a little longer than getting there on Sunday but I try to listen to the local Christian station and pray on my way there.

There is one parishioner who brings her children to daily mass. I’m so in awe of her children sitting there quietly and paying attention to what is happening. My children are still at the stage in which they ask lots of questions (which is AWESOME but they haven’t gotten the idea of ‘church’ voices yet) and require lots of attention to keep their attention. A wise Byzy mom once told me “Don’t fret! Your littles are becoming your bigs and soon enough life will seem a lot easier.”  I’m praying that happens soon. I can’t wait to see their hearts and heads understanding the beauty of the liturgy.

On Thursday I’m going to hit the Daily Mass at the local Roman Rite church. I hope I don’t get too confused. I love my Byzantine rite but it’s nice to have a closer church as a back up. Even if  I spend most of mass trying to figure it out.

So I encourage you to attend a daily mass. It’s a beautiful start to the day!


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