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Workin’ hard for the glory

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Some days are more challenging than others when you have 5 kids and especially one that has special needs. Jason’s issues are behavioral so if we can stay in a schedule or really prep him before we do something it can go reasonably well. However the slightest little bump in our day can cause extreme meltdowns and anxiety.  Today was one of those days. Let’s just say some days it would be wise to wear a helmet around here and to check everything you thought you knew about being a parent at the door because as much as you think you will use it you won’t but you will be learning something about it that you never knew before!

I try to not get too angry when he does something like throwing yogurt all over the floor because he was done with it or he decided to throw every toy in the toy box at his sisters. sigh…I could just feel my body tense up and get frustrated. I just wanted to cry. Instead I focused myself on my job to take care of the needs of my house, husband, and children. Michael is not going to want to come home from work at 3am and find a dirty house or food every where. Part of my job as a housewife is to make our home a safe, beautiful, calm place for him to relax. Part of my job as a mom is to keep my children safe and happy.

Taking care of my family is my way of showing my love for God and to hope that he will shine his glory on me for doing my work for him. Thinking in this way helps me to get my work done with a smile knowing that it’s making God smile on me and my family. Some days I wonder what I did to be blessed with a son with behavior problems and I don’t always look at it as a blessing. But I’m trying to change my attitude because I am blessed. I am so blessed to have a little guy who keeps me on my toes and has taught me that parenting is not one size fits all. He’s taught me that I can’t be selfish. He’s taught me that God trusted me so much with this special little guy that he gave him to me.

So I encourage you to do your daily work for the Lord. Be thankful for every job you have to do! How lucky we are to have clothes to fold or dishes to clean because we had food to eat! Thank God for those clothes and those dirty dishes! Do your very best to give the Lord your best and thank him for it!


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