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Tips on getting to Liturgy on time

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Okay with 5 kids getting to liturgy or anywhere on time can be a little tough. Someone always has to go to the bathroom at the last minute or someone forgets something. We went out of town on a little road trip and we got there and found out one of our girls wasn’t wearing shoes! Luckily a little pair of play time high heels were in the car! We still had fun but oh the horror on our faces when we thought we might have to turn around (or go find some flip flops somewhere!)

In the summer our liturgy starts earlier than the fall. Plus in the summer we don’t have ECF (Eastern Catholic Formation) classes so we get to “sleep in” but oh that 1/2 hour difference seems so HUGE!. For me, preparing for liturgy the night before makes life a lot easier. Here are a few tips for getting out the door on time.

1. Prepare for liturgy on SATURDAY!

I have a church purse that is always stocked with Catholic books, diapers, wipes, and anything else we might need for liturgy. I repack after liturgy on Sunday so on Saturday I just have to add my tithing envelopes. I put it on the counter ready to role in the morning.

Also it’s important to have a go to easy lunch for Sunday so plan that on Saturday. If you can use the crock pot, woot! Pick something easy so that you can enjoy your family after liturgy. I love to use paper products on Sunday so it’s easy and light and less work for mommy.

2. Get the table ready for breakfast!

I get the coffee pot ready and the mugs out for the morning. For the kids, if they are up early enough to eat at home they will have a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I make up “snack bags” of different cereals to snack on in the car on the 30 minute trip to church. If you aren’t eating in the car kind of people, get the table set so in the morning you can eat and go. Use paper if you can so you don’t have to worry about dirty dishes to wash (I HATE dishes in the sink when I leave my house. It totally irks me.) I know a lot of people are anti paper but Sunday is the one day in which we are asked to rest and enjoy our families. Paper products can be bought cheaply and okay for once a week use. If it’s between healthy food and paper or wastefully meals out, go with healthy food and paper!

3. Select clothing down to shoes and socks for the morning.

After evening hygiene time, select everyone’s clothing from head to toe and lay it out so it’s ready to go in the morning. Church clothes do not need to be fancy but they need to be clean, modest, and appropriate. If you select clothes the night before you will have time to mend anything that needs it instead of rushing around in the morning to figure it out.


4. Listen to Christian music on the radio and keep the TV and computer off!

I am just as guilty as anyone else in which I will “quickly check my email” and that turns into 10 minutes of wasted time! The Lord is more important than any email. So leave it until you get home or until Monday. The TV also can suck us in and then oops 30 minutes is gone and your littles aren’t dressed! If you need something to hear than you need to turn on some Christian music to get you in the mood for prayer! Also in the car listen to the music that will keep you in the mood. Some of the music on the radio is not appropriate for anytime let alone on Sundays!

5. Do what you can to make your day restful and peaceful!

As a mom it really is too hard to not do anything on Sundays but with good planning you can make it less work! Do whatever laundry you need done for Monday on Saturday. Get your meal plan for the week done early and make Sundays easy and light.  Sunday is the one day in which I try to let go and enjoy the day without freaking out about the mess on the floor. Of course I don’t let spills or dangerous mounds of toys lie about but I clean it up quickly and worry about the deep cleaning for another day.


I hope my little list can help you to get to liturgy on time and with peace and love in your heart!




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