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Right now my prayer list is a little long.  I’m a part of a large families group even though I have a medium sized family. There has been  a lot of people in need of prayers.  So much heartache right now that I feel so guilty for asking God to answer my simple prayers. I have a list made for liturgy on Sunday so I don’t forget anyone.  One of the moms posted a link to a blog about this adorable little guy named Tripp.

Tripp has “Epidermolysis Bullosa” and it’s a very rare skin disease. I am constantly checking facebook and the blog to see  how he’s doing. I think he is on everyone’s prayer list which I think is just beautiful. Every night God is hearing all of these prayers and seeing how loved this little boy by people who have never met him but have been inspired by him. He’s truly an angel on Earth teaching us all about God’s love.


So as you say your prayers tonight pray for Tripp and remember to add him to your prayers at mass on Sunday.


Also if you are in need of prayers please email me and I will put you on my list.


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