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Child of the Week

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In our house we do something special each week called “child of the week”. It’s a fun little way to celebrate the uniqueness of each of our children as well as to cut down on the fights about who goes with mom to the store or who gets to choose the story for story time. It’s a great technique that I hope you can implement in your home with success!


For us we have 5 kids so we do child of the week through a raffle. We put the names in a hat and one of the parents chooses a name. Now next week there will be only 4 names, then 3, then 2, then 1, and then we start all over again. This lets each child get excited for his or her week and know that there is a chance next week. Each child has been really supportive and understanding when they have not been selected. Thank goodness for us the first week we did it our baby was the winner. The girls were so excited for him to be the first child of the week and he celebrated with ice cream for all!

Child of the week gets to:

help pick the fun activities of the day

sit next to the baby in the car if appropriate (our 2 year old is not allowed to sit near the baby at all!)

go to the store with mom or dad to help shop

helps with the planning of the dinner menu

stay up a little later one night

go out for a special lunch/breakfast date with dad (my husband works 2 jobs so during the school year there are days when he doesn’t get to see the older girls at all)

pick the game for game time


The list doesn’t end there. It’s just a springboard for celebrating each child and allowing the family to get to know them a little more. I think child of the week can work in any family- big or small. In a smaller family it could be family member of the week and mom and dad can enjoy the fun too.

It has been such a fun experience to see the kids getting to know each other better. Child of the week has taught each child to be more respectful of each other. It has helped them to know how each member of the family is special and unique and important to our family.

Child of the week is definitely worth a try! I would love to hear your suggestions on how you would celebrate child of the week.


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