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Making time for prayer in your Byzy life

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                Some days I wish I had more time for prayer but with 7 young children running around the house time slips away from me. I felt for so long I didn’t have time in my day for quiet time and prayer. For many Catholic women, our vocation includes motherhood. Along with the tight hugs, many kisses, and countless bedtime stories, motherhood comes with lunches to be made, laundry to fold, and messes and spills to clean up. So much to do and so little time! We can reach out to Mary to guide us into being more prayerful.

                In my kitchen by the backdoor I have a kitchen Madonna- a beautiful icon of Mary hugging Jesus. It’s a sweet tender moment of mother and child that hangs in my kitchen reminding me of my purpose. As I make dinner I quietly pray to Mary to help me be a better mother. I ask her to pray for me if my day has been challenging. I thank her for her Son. I pray she helps me to be the best mother I can be.

                Adding prayer to your daily life can be easy. You can pray while exercising (I say quite a few Our Father’s while out running!). Folding laundry can be an exercise in thanksgiving for all that has been provided to you. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have clothes to wash. Reading at bedtime to your children can be passages from the bible or from good Catholic children’s stories. There is not right time for prayer! We can pray any time all of the time! When the children are acting out of sorts give them up to God! After all they are HIS children. Pray for the unborn while rocking your baby to sleep.

                Adding prayer to your every day actions are a great way to gain peace in your life. Jesus is all around us and He is always available to hear our prayer. Praying in your regular every day activities also show our children that God is always available to hear us and that He is accessible to all of us. Make Jesus accessible in your life. Add prayer to anything!


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